'The Lost Legacy', El 'Nuevo Uncharted' De Naughty Dog

Despite liberating Nathan Drake's previous game, Naughty Dog seems willing to keep the world of Uncharted alive. Au contrôle de la belle Chloé et au côté de Nadine (antagoniste de Uncharted 4), le trailer nous permet d'admirer les environnements somptueux de l'Inde qu'il nous faudra explorer pour retrouver la Défense de Ganesh, une relique ancienne à la valeur inestimable.
EA experienced a hefty ride this season with a great deal of fan-fueled, cringe-worthy, traditional game sequel releases, the most cherished upon being DEPENDENCE ON Speed Payback, and FIFA 18. Following the release of the trailer for the new NFS a couple of days back, EA now disclosed a few momemts of gameplay.
At PlayStation Experience 2015, half a year prior to the release of Uncharted 4, lead game developer Robert Cogburn advised Kotaku that Naughty Dog wanted to free itself from the ever-growing constraints - both story- and gameplay-wise - presented by a long-running franchise.
Un premier DLC très féminin donc, contrairement aux rumeurs qui laissaient sous-entendre que le joueur allait pouvoir prendre le contrôle du frère de Nathan Drake, que nous avons pu découvrir dans Uncharted 4 Un opus qui devrait permettre de découvrir une toute nouvelle aire de jeu, ainsi que quelques nouveaux mécanismes de gameplay à en croire l'impressionnante vidéo de démonstration proposée par Naughty Dog.
At E3, behind closed doors, I'm being shown a 10-minute cut from Uncharted: The Lost Legacy It's a standalone game which will be marginally shorter and cheaper than Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, unpacking a side-story where, for the very first time, franchise hero Nathan Drake isn't the lead personality.
In only 10 short minutes, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy impressed the utter hell out of me. From the small character occasions between Nadine and Chloe to the break-neck rate of which the demo shipped a huge variety of obstacles, The Lost Legacy immediately cemented itself as a truly appropriate and proper entrance into Naughty Dog's amazing series.
At a panel later in the show, Naughty dog offered additional information about what to expect in conditions of preparing and story The game's director said The Lost Legacy is very much Chloe's story,” and advised it will take place in more environments than just what's shown in the demo.
You've likely seen the brief segment I got to get my practical in one of the first Uncharted 2 gameplay videos to ever before hit the internets - In it, Nathan Drake encounters enemies working for main antagonist Zorin Lazarevic, whom he must skillfully dispatch while navigating the urban environment.
The new trailer shows Chloe participating in the most common banter, shooting, driving a car, climbing and exploring you'd expect. The trailer acquired us like a teach when it struck YouTube, and didn't disappoint today either with an eight-minute gameplay training video.

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